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Build Status Version 0.3.0-dev MIT License Doc

SpaceVim is a modular configuration for neovim and vim, here we call all of the modules layers, each layer has different plugins and config, users just need to select the layers they need. It got inspired by spacemacs. If you use SpaceVim, please star it on github. It’s a great way of getting feedback and gives me the kick to put more time into development.

2017-04-12-19 36 27

If you are new to vim, you should learning about Vim in general, read vim-galore.



If you are using linux or mac os, it is recommenced to use this command to install SpaceVim:

curl -sLf | bash

with this command, SpaceVim will be installed. all the plugins will be install automatically when first time run vim/nvim. for more info about the install script, please check:

curl -sLf | bash -s -- -h

Before you use SpaceVim, you should install the plugin by executing :call dein#install() in (neo-)vim.

windows support

git clone vimfiles
git clone AppData\Local\nvim

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