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A community-driven vim distribution

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SpaceVim is a community-driven vim distribution that seeks to provide layer feature. here is an example for loadding a layer with some specified options:

call SpaceVim#layers#load('shell',
        \ {
        \ 'default_position' : 'top',
        \ 'default_height' : 30,
        \ }
        \ )

Available layers

this a list of buildin layers:

Name Description Documentation
autocomplete autocomplete in vim documentation
chat chatting in vim documentation
checkers checking in vim documentation
chinese layer for chinese vimer documentation
colorscheme all colorscheme in spacevim documentation
default better default for vim and neovim documentation
lang#java java development in vim documentation
lang#lisp lisp development in vim documentation
lang#markdown layer for editing markdown in vim documentation
lang#php php development in vim documentation
shell shell support for SpaceVim documentation
tags tags manager in vim documentation

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