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SpaceVim uses neocomplete as the default completion engine if vim has lua support. If there is no lua support, neocomplcache will be used for the completion engine. Spacevim uses deoplete as the default completion engine for neovim. Deoplete requires neovim to be compiled with python support. For more information about python support in neovim, please read neovim’s documentation :h provider-python.

SpaceVim includes YouCompleteMe, but it is disabled by default. To enable ycm, see :h g:spacevim_enable_ycm.

SpaceVim use neosnippet as the default snippet engine. The default snippets are provided by Shougo/neosnippet-snippets. For more information, please read :h neosnippet. Neosnippet support custom snippets, and the default snippets directory is ~/.SpaceVim/snippets/. If g:spacevim_force_global_config = 1, SpaceVim will not append ./.SpaceVim/snippets as default snippets directory.

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