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Quick start guide

If you haven’t seen SpaceVim at all yet, the first thing you should read is The Quick start guide. It will give you a good idea of what SpaceVim is like, show you how to install it, and explain its features.

Upon completing the book, you’ll be an intermediate Rust developer, and will have a good grasp of the fundamental ideas behind Rust.


At a minimum, SpaceVim requires git and curl to be installed. These tools are needed for downloading plugins and fonts.

If you are using vim/neovim in terminal, you also need to set the font of your terminal.

Linux and macOS

curl -sLf | bash

After SpaceVim is installed, launch vim and SpaceVim will automatically install plugins.

For more info about the install script, please check:

curl -sLf | bash -s -- -h


The easiest way is to download install.cmd and run it as administrator, or install SpaceVim manually.

Learning SpaceVim

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