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Changelogs > SpaceVim release v1.2.0

The last release is v1.1.0, After three months development. The v1.2.0 has been released. So let’s take a look at what happened since last relase.


What’s New

Since last release, we have added 13 programming language layer:

In addition to the new layers mentioned above, some new features have been added to the latest release:

async todo manager

In old version of SpaceVim, the todo manager can be used only when develop SpaceVim, now it has been merged into SpaceVim core repo, the default key binding is SPC a o, and the default tags is: 'fixme', 'question', 'todo', 'idea'

Release Notes

here is the list of all the pull requests since last release:

New Features

Feature Changes

Bug Fixs

Unmarked PRs

call for collaborators

At present, SpaceVim contains more than 70 programming language layers. We hope that each programming language layer can be maintained by someone who is familiar with the language. If you are interested in SpaceVim and want to improve the performance of a language layer, you can join us in maintaining this project.

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