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Changelogs > SpaceVim release v1.4.0

The last release is v1.3.0, After four months development. The v1.4.0 has been released. So let’s take a look at what happened since last relase.


What’s New

New language layers

Eight programming language layers have been added since the last release:

New features

Asynchronously task:

The major feature in this release is asynchronously task system, which is implemented in following PR:

for more information about the tasks system, please checkout the task documentation

Floating terminal:

Floating terminal windows support also has been added into shell layer, to use this feature, adding following snippet into your SpaceVim configuration file:

    name = 'shell'
    default_position = 'float'
    default_height = 35

Alternate git plugin:

Instead of using gina or fugitive, the git.vim will be used as default plugin in git layer:

Alternate file manager:

The new release also add support for config alt file in the project:

Other new key bindings or features are listed below:

Feature Changes

Bug Fixs

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