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A community-driven vim distribution

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SpaceVim is a community-driven vim distribution that seeks to provide layer feature. Layers help collect related packages together to provide features. This approach helps keep configuration organized and reduces overhead for the user by keeping them from having to think about what packages to install.

Enable layers

here is an example for loadding shell layer with some specified options:

call SpaceVim#layers#load('shell',
        \ {
        \ 'default_position' : 'top',
        \ 'default_height' : 30,
        \ }
        \ )

Disable layers

Some layers are enabled by defalut, here is an example for disable shell layer:

call SpaceVim#layers#disable('shell')

Available layers

Name Description
autocomplete This layer provides auto-completion to SpaceVim
chat SpaceVim chatting layer provide chatting with qq and weixin in vim.
checkers This layer provides syntax checking feature
chinese Layer for chinese users, include chinese docs and runtime messages
colorscheme colorscheme provides a list of colorscheme for SpaceVim, default colorscheme is gruvbox with dark theme.
cscope This layer provide cscope manager for project
debug This layer provide debug workflow support in SpaceVim
default lt layer contains none plugins, but it has some better default config for vim and neovim
git This layers adds extensive support for git
lang#c This layer is for c/c++/object-c development
lang#dart This layer is for dart development, provide autocompletion, syntax checking, code format for dart file.
lang#elixir This layer is for elixir development, provide autocompletion, syntax checking, code format for elixir file.
lang#go This layer is for golang development. It also provides additional language-specific key mappings.
lang#haskell This layer is for haskell development
lang#java This layer is for Java development. All the features such as code completion, formatting, syntax checking, REPL and debug have be done in this layer.
lang#javascript This layer is for JaveScript development
lang#lisp for lisp development
lang#lua This layer is for lua development, provide autocompletion, syntax checking, code format for lua file.
lang#markdown Edit markdown within vim, autopreview markdown in the default browser, with this layer you can also format markdown file.
lang#php This layer adds PHP language support to SpaceVim
lang#python This layer is for Python development, provide autocompletion, syntax checking, code format for python file.
lang#ruby This layer is for ruby development, provide autocompletion, syntax checking, code format for ruby file.
lang#typescript This layer is for TypeScript development
lang#vim This layer is for writting vim script, including code completion, syntax checking and buffer formatting
language-server-protocol This layers provides language server protocol for vim and neovim
shell This layer provide shell support in SpaceVim
tags This layer provide tags manager for project
ui Awesome UI layer for SpaceVim, provide IDE-like UI for neovim and vim in both TUI and GUI

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