A modular Vim/Neovim configuration

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First meetup in Hangzhou

members: Arith, BTS, wsdjeg
location: HangZhou
time: 24 Jun 2018

We just make a general discussion about how to use SpaceVim, and what feature need to be improved in next release.

Improve Tab manager

These new features have been added to tab manager in #1887

Improve flygrep

Just open a new pull request #1898 which is based on #1802.

Add doc of SpaceVim APIs

In #1896, we will add documentation of SpaceVim APIs. These APIs provides compatible functions for neovim/vim.

Reduce the number of default plugins.

Discussion about this topic happened in #1897

Development doc for language specific key bindings

Discussion about this topic happened in #1899

call for layer maintainers

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