A modular Vim/Neovim configuration

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Quick start guide » Install Vim/Neovim with Python support

This artical will tell you how to install vim and neovim, and how to enable +python3 support.

Install Neovim


On Windows, the easiest way to install Neovim is to download from neovim release page. and extract it into C:\Neovim. You can also add C:\Neovim\bin to your PATH.

You can also use scoop to install neovim.

scoop install neovim


You can install neovim or vim with default package manager.


sudo apt install neovim

Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S neovim

Enable python3 support

First of all, you need to install python3. and set the env PYTHON3_HOST_PROG to the path of python. for example: C:\Python39\python.exe.

Install pynvim, run python -m pip install pynvim.

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