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Available Layers » autocomplete


This layer provides auto-completion to SpaceVim.

The following completion engines are supported:

Snippets are supported via neosnippet.


To use this configuration layer, add following snippet to your custom configuration file.

  name = "autocomplete"


Key bindings

You can customize the user experience of auto-completion with the following layer variables:

  1. auto-completion-return-key-behavior set the action to perform when the Return/Enter key is pressed, the possible values are:
  1. auto-completion-tab-key-behavior set the action to perform when the TAB key is pressed, the possible values are:
  1. auto-completion-complete-with-key-sequence is a string of two characters denoting a key sequence that will perform a complete action if the sequence as been entered quickly enough. If its value is nil then the feature is disabled.
  2. auto-completion-complete-with-key-sequence-delay is the number of seconds to wait for the auto-completion key sequence to be entered. The default value is 0.1 seconds.

The default configuration of the layer is:

call SpaceVim#layers#load('autocomplete', {
        \ 'auto-completion-return-key-behavior' : 'nil',
        \ 'auto-completion-tab-key-behavior' : 'smart',
        \ 'auto-completion-complete-with-key-sequence' : 'nil',
        \ 'auto-completion-complete-with-key-sequence-delay' : 0.1,
        \ })

jk is a good candidate for auto-completion-complete-with-key-sequence if you don’t use it already.

Snippets directories

The following snippets or directories are added by default:

You can provide additional directories by setting the variable g:neosnippet#snippets_directory which can take a string in case of a single path or a list of paths.

Show snippets in auto-completion popup

By default, snippets are shown in the auto-completion popup. To disable this feature, set the variable auto-completion-enable-snippets-in-popup to 0.

call SpaceVim#layers#load('autocomplete', {
        \ 'auto-completion-enable-snippets-in-popup' : 0
        \ })

LSP supported

Key bindings


Key bindings Description
<C-n> select next candidate
<C-p> select previous candidate
<Tab> base on auto-completion-tab-key-behavior
<S-Tab> select previous candidate
<Return> base on auto-completion-return-key-behavior


Key Binding Description
M-/ Expand a snippet if text before point is a prefix of a snippet
SPC i s List all current yasnippets for inserting

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