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Available Layers » checkers


This layer provides syntax checking feature.


To use this configuration layer, add following snippet to your custom configuration file. This layer is enabled by default.

  name = "checkers"


The checkers layer is loaded by default, there are two kinds options for this layer: global options and layer options.

Global options:

All of the SpaceVim global options should be put into the [options] section.

Name default value description
lint_engine neomake Set the lint engine

The default lint engine is neomake, you can also use ale or syntastic.

If you want to configure neomake, you can use bootstrap functions. Within bootstrap functions, you can use vim script. For all the info about neomake configuration, please checkout :h neomake.

Layer options:

By default, the error will be displayed below the current line, if you want to disabled this feature, you may need to load this layer with show_cursor_error to false.

Name default value description
lint_on_the_fly false Syntax checking on the fly feature, disabled by default.
lint_on_save true Run syntax checking when saving a file.
show_cursor_error true Enable/Disable displaying error below current line.
lint_exclude_filetype [] Set the filetypes which does not enable syntax checking.
open_error_list 1/2/0 Open the language checking windows. Defaults to 2
  name = "checkers"
  show_cursor_error = false

Key bindings

Key mode description
SPC e . Normal open error-transient-state
SPC e c Normal clear errors
SPC e h Normal describe current checker
SPC e n Normal jump to the position of next error
SPC e N Normal jump to the position of previous error
SPC e p Normal jump to the position of previous error
SPC e l Normal display a list of all the errors
SPC e L Normal display a list of all the errors and focus the errors buffer
SPC e e Normal explain the error at point
SPC e s Normal set syntax checker (TODO)
SPC e S Normal set syntax checker executable (TODO)
SPC e v Normal verify syntax setup
SPC t s Normal toggle syntax

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