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Available Layers » checkers


This layer provides syntax checking feature.


To use this configuration layer, add following snippet to your custom configuration file.

  name = "checkers"


Layer options:

By default, the error will be display below current line, if you want to disabled this feature, you may need to load this layer with show_cursor_error to false.

  name = "checkers"
  show_cursor_error = false

Global options:

the following options are SpaceVim option, you need to config them in [options] section.

Name default value description
enable_neomake true Use neomake as default checking tools
enable_ale false Use ale as default checking tools
lint_on_the_fly false Syntax checking on the fly feature, disabled by default.

NOTE: if you want to use ale, you need:

    enable_neomake = false
    enable_ale = true

and if you want to use syntastic, set this two options to false.

Key bindings

Key mode description
SPC e . Normal open error-transient-state
SPC e c Normal clear errors
SPC e h Normal describe current checker
SPC e n Normal jump to the position of next error
SPC e N Normal jump to the position of previous error
SPC e p Normal jump to the position of previous error
SPC e l Normal display a list of all the errors
SPC e L Normal display a list of all the errors and focus the errors buffer
SPC e e Normal explain the error at point
SPC e s Normal set syntax checker (TODO)
SPC e S Normal set syntax checker executable (TODO)
SPC e v Normal verify syntax setup
SPC t s Normal toggle syntax

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