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Available Layers » colorschemes


This layer provides many Vim colorschemes for SpaceVim, the default colorscheme is gruvbox.


This layer is disabled by default in SpaceVim.

To use this configuration layer, add this snippet to your custom configuration file.

  name = "colorscheme"


To change the colorscheme:

  colorscheme = "onedark"

List colorschemes

Name dark light term gui statusline
gruvbox yes yes yes yes yes
one yes yes yes yes yes
molokai yes no yes yes yes
jellybeans yes no yes yes yes
nord yes no yes yes yes
onedark yes no yes yes yes

Some colorschemes offer dark and light styles. Most of them are set by changing Vim background color. SpaceVim support to change the background color with colorscheme_bg:

  colorscheme = "onedark"
  colorscheme_bg = "dark"

colorscheme layer support random colorscheme on startup. just load this layer with layer option random-theme

  name = "colorscheme"
  random-theme = true

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