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This layer is a customized wrapper for CtrlSpace, a plugin dedicated to project navigation and workflow management, rather than a traditional fuzzy finder like Denite or FZF. CtrlSpace strictly manages 5 source lists only:

CtrlSpace has the unique property of allowing users to stay within it after it has been invoked once (similar to SpaceVim’s own Transient Modes). Thereby granting you the ability to open multiple files, move/copy many buffers to new tabs, change to your various project bookmarks, and any combinations of its various actions, all without needing to reinvoke it.


To use the CtrlSpace layer, add the following to your configuration file.

name = "ctrlspace"

Layer Options

Note: when disabled, another traditional fuzzy finder layer (such as Denite or FZF) may still be used without concerns of keybinding conflicts.

Keybindings: CtrlSpace Defaults

From Vim’s Normal mode, <home-mapping-key> enters CtrlSpace in its home (buffers) list. Then using the following key shortcuts, all 5 lists can be accessed via any of the other 4. Press ? to show key reference for the current list and mode (ex. search mode of files list).

Keybindings Descriptions
h toggle view home (buffers) list
H enter home (buffers) list in search
o toggle view project files list
O enter project files in search
l toggle view tabs list
L enter tabs search in search
w toggle view workspaces list
W enter workspaces list in search
b toggle view bookmarks list
B enter bookmarks list in search
/ toggle search mode for current list
? display help for current list and mode

To exit CtrlSpace, press <Esc>, <C-c> or <home-mapping-key> at anytime.

For more comprehensive documentation of CtrlSpace’s keys, features and functionalities, refer to this guide.

Keybindings: SpaceVim Styled

For those who prefer to use SpaceVim’s style of fuzzy finding buffers/files/projects, the following keybindings can be optionally enabled with enable-spacevim-styled-keys = true.

Keybindings Descriptions
SPC b L list tab-local buffers
SPC b l search tab-local buffers
SPC b B list all buffers
SPC b b search all buffers
SPC f F list files in dir of current buffer
SPC f f search files in dir of current buffer
SPC p F list project files
SPC p f search project files
SPC w T list tabs
SPC w t search tabs
SPC p W list workspaces
SPC p w search workspaces
SPC p B list project bookmarks
SPC p b search project bookmarks

Note: to be consistent with other fuzzy finder layers in SpaceVim, uppercased final keys will list the source, while lowercased ones will search. This is opposite to CtrlSpace’s default shortcuts.

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