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This layer provides debug workflow for SpaceVim. All of the functionality is based on vim-vebugger.


To use this configuration layer, add the following snippet to your custom configuration file.

  name = "debug"


Vimspector can be used as the debugger by setting the configuration.

  name = "debug"
  debugger_plugin = "vimspector"

Key bindings

Using vim-debug

Key Binding Description
SPC d l launch the debugger
SPC d c Continue the execution
SPC d b Toggle a breakpoint for the current line
SPC d B Clear all breakpoints
SPC d o step over
SPC d i step into functions
SPC d O step out of current function
SPC d e s Evaluate and print the selected text
SPC d e e Evaluate the <cword> under the cursor
SPC d e S Execute the selected text
SPC d k Terminates the debugger

Debug Transient State

key bindings are too long? use SPC d . to open the debug transient state:

Debug Transient State

Using vimspector

Key Binding Description
SPC d c launch-or-continue-debugger
SPC d r restart-debugger-with-the-same-config
SPC d x run-to-cursor
SPC d p pause-debugger
SPC d b toggle-line-breakpoint
SPC d B clear-all-breakpoints
SPC d o step-over
SPC d i step-into-functions
SPC d O step-out-of-current-function
SPC d u move-up-a-frame
SPC d d move-down-a-frame
SPC d k terminate-the-debugger
SPC d e evaluate-cursor-symbol-or-selection

Debug Transient State

Key Binding Description
c Continue execution
u Move up a frame
d Move down a frame
o step over
i step into functions
O step out of current function
k Terminates the debugger

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