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Available Layers » git


This layer adds extensive support for git.


To use this configuration layer, add the following snippet to your custom configuration file (SPC f v d).

  name = "git"

Layer options

if you want to use fugitive instead:

  name = "git"
  git_plugin = 'fugitive'

Key bindings

Key Binding Description
SPC g s view git status
SPC g S stage current file
SPC g U unstage current file
SPC g c edit git commit
SPC g p git push
SPC g m git branch manager
SPC g r git remote manager
SPC g d view git diff
SPC g A stage all files
SPC g b open git blame windows
SPC g h a stage current hunk
SPC g h r undo cursor hunk
SPC g h v preview cursor hunk

Key bindings in Git branch manager:

Key Binding Description
v view log of branch
Enter checkout branch
dd delete branch

Omnifunc of commit message

This layer also provides omnifunc of commit message. The key binding is ctrl-x_ctrl-o in insert mode.

  1. complete commit title prefix, fix:, doc: etc.
  2. complete github issue list
  3. complete co-author info

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