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Available Layers » github


This layer provides GitHub integration for SpaceVim.


To use this configuration layer, add following snippet to your custom configuration file.

  name = "github"

Key bindings

Key Binding Description
SPC g h i show issues
SPC g h a show activities
SPC g h d show dashboard
SPC g h f show current file in browser
SPC g h I show issues in browser
SPC g h p show PRs in browser
SPC g g l list all gist
SPC g g p post gist

Extra configuration for GitHub and Gist

For avoid repeating input the account name and passwrod, you need to add the belowing contennt for auto .SpaceVim.d/autoload/myspacevim.vim Bootstrap Functions.

func! myspacevim#before() abort
  "other configs
  let g:github_dashboard = { 'username': 'yourgithubuser', 'password': $GITHUB_TOKEN }
  let g:gista#client#default_username = 'monkeyxite'

Refer github dashboar, for security concerns you could create a Personal Access Token, export it as an environment variable and use it as a password.

# in some secure file sourced in your .bashrc, .bash_profile, .zshrc, etc.
export GITHUB_TOKEN="<your 40 char token>"

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