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Available Layers » lang#csharp


This layer is for csharp development.



To use this configuration layer, update custom configuration file with:

  name = "lang#csharp"

OmniSharp Server

You must build the OmniSharp Server before using this layer’s features.

After all plugins installed, cd to the directory $SPACEVIM_PLUGIN_BUNDLE_DIR/repos/ (by default $HOME/.cache/vimfiles/repos/, and then run


for macOS and linux, or


for Windows.

For more information, please read this link.

Key bindings

Key Binding Description
SPC l b compile the project
SPC l f format current file
SPC l d show doc
SPC l e rename symbol under cursor
SPC l g g go to definition
SPC l g i find implementations
SPC l g t find type
SPC l g s find symbols
SPC l g u find usages of symbol under cursor
SPC l g m find members in the current buffer
SPC l s r reload the solution
SPC l s s start the OmniSharp server
SPC l s S stop the OmniSharp server

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