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Available Layers » lang#elixir


This layer is for Elixir development.


This layer includes the plugin slashmili/alchemist.vim, which provides:

SpaceVim also provides REPL, code runner and Language Server protocol support for Elixir. To enable language server protocol for Elixir, you need to load lsp layer for Elixir.



To use this configuration layer, update your custom configuration file with:

  name = "lang#elixir"

Key bindings

Language specific key bindings

Key Bindings Descriptions
SPC l d / K Show doc of cursor symbol
SPC l t Jump to tag stack
SPC l e Rename symbol (need lsp layer)
g d Jump to definition

Inferior REPL process

Start a iex inferior REPL process with SPC l s i.

Send code to inferior process commands:

Key Bindings Descriptions
SPC l s b send buffer and keep code buffer focused
SPC l s l send line and keep code buffer focused
SPC l s s send selection text and keep code buffer focused

Running current script

To run the current script, you can press SPC l r to run the current file without losing focus, and the result will be shown in a runner buffer.

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