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SpaceVim Layers: go


This layer is for golang development. It also provides additional language-specific key mappings.


To use this configuration layer, add call SpaceVim#layers#load('lang#go') to your custom configuration file.


Key bindings

Import key bindings:

Key Binding Description
SPC l i go implements
SPC l f go info
SPC l e go rename
SPC l r go run
SPC l b go build
SPC l t go test
SPC l d go doc
SPC l v go doc vertical
SPC l c go coverage

Code formatting:

the default key bindings for format current buffer is SPC b f, and this key bindings is defined in format layer. you can also use g= to indent current buffer.

To make neoformat support go files, you should have go-fmt command available, or install goimports. go-fmt is delivered by golang’s default installation, so make sure you have correctly setup your go environment.

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