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SpaceVim Layers: lang#java


This layer is for Java development.

Layer Installation

To use this configuration layer, add SPLayer 'lang#java' to your custom configuration file.

Key bindings

Java language specified key bindings

Import key bindings:

Key Binding Description
F4 (Insert/Normal) Import class under cursor
SPC l I Import missing classes
SPC l R Remove unused classes
SPC l i smart import class under cursor
<C-j>I (Insert) Import missing classes
<C-j>R (Insert) Remove unused classes
<C-j>i (Insert) smart import class under cursor

Generate key bindings:

Mode Key Binding Description
normal SPC l A generate accessors
normal/visual SPC l s generate setter accessor
normal/visual SPC l g generate getter accessor
normal/visual SPC l a generate setter and getter accessor
normal SPC l M generate abstract methods
insert <c-j>s generate setter accessor
insert <c-j>g generate getter accessor
insert <c-j>a generate getter and setter accessor
normal SPC l ts generate toString function
normal SPC l eq generate equals and hashcode function
normal SPC l c generate constructor
normal SPC l C generate default constructor

Code formatting:

the default key bindings for format current buffer is SPC b f. and this key bindings is defined in format layer. you can also use g= to indent current buffer.

To make neoformat support java file, you should install uncrustify. or download google’s formater jar and add let g:spacevim_layer_lang_java_formatter = 'path/to/google-java-format.jar' to SpaceVim custom configuration file.


Key Binding Description
SPC l m i Run maven clean install
SPC l m I Run maven install
SPC l m p Run one already goal from list
SPC l m r Run maven goals
SPC l m R Run one maven goal
SPC l m t Run maven test


Key Binding Description
SPC l j a jump to alternate file

Problems buffer

Project buffer

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