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Available Layers » lang#javascript


This layer is for JavaScript development.


To use this configuration layer, update custom configuration file with:

name = "lang#javascript"


Layer configuration

auto_fix: auto fix problems when saving files, disabled by default.

enable_flow_syntax: Enable configuration for flow, disabled by default.

If you need these features, you can enable them in the layer config:

name = "lang#javascript"
auto_fix = true
enable_flow_syntax = true

Key bindings

Import key bindings

Key Binding Description
F4 (Insert/Normal) Import symbol under cursor
SPC j i Import symbol under cursor
SPC j f Import missing symbols
SPC j g Jump to module under cursor
<C-j>i (Insert) Import symbol under cursor
<C-j>f (Insert) Import missing symbols
<C-j>g (Insert) Jump to module under cursor

Generate key bindings

Mode Key Binding Description
normal SPC l g d Generate JSDoc

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