A modular Vim/Neovim configuration

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Available Layers » lang#latex


This layer is for LaTex development. vimtex is included in this layer.



To use this configuration layer, update your custom configuration file with:

  name = "lang#latex"

To enable grammar checker, you need to install proselint which will be used by checkers layer.

Key bindings

Key bindings Descriptions
SPC l i vimtex-info
SPC l I vimtex-info-full
SPC l t vimtex-toc-open
SPC l T vimtex-toc-toggle
SPC l y vimtex-labels-open
SPC l Y vimtex-labels-toggle
SPC l v vimtex-view
SPC l r vimtex-reverse-search
SPC l l vimtex-compile
SPC l L vimtex-compile-selected
SPC l k vimtex-stop
SPC l K vimtex-stop-all
SPC l e vimtex-errors
SPC l o vimtex-compile-output
SPC l g vimtex-status
SPC l G vimtex-status-all
SPC l c vimtex-clean
SPC l C vimtex-clean-full
SPC l m vimtex-imaps-list
SPC l x vimtex-reload
SPC l X vimtex-reload-state
SPC l s vimtex-toggle-main

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