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Available Layers » lang#markdown


This layer is for editing markdown file.


To use this configuration layer, update your custom configuration file with:

  name = "lang#markdown"

The tagbar support is provided via lvht/tagbar-markdown which requires php to be installed. You can also use mdctags which is written in rust.


SpaceVim uses remark to format Markdown file by default. You can install remark via npm, the commands are shown below.

npm -g install remark
npm -g install remark-cli
npm -g install remark-stringify
npm -g install remark-frontmatter
npm -g install wcwidth

To use Prettier, you need to change the layer option: enabled_formatters.

You can install Prettier via yarn or npm, the commands are shown below:

  1. Via yarn
yarn global add prettier
  1. Via npm
npm install --global prettier



How to indent the content from list items (tab, mixed or 1 , default: 1).


Enable/Disable wcwidth for detecting the length of a table cell, default is 0. To enable this option, you need to install wcwidth


Bullet marker to use for list items ('-', '*', or '+', default: '-').


Specify the enabled formater for markdown file, default is ['remark']. You can also append multiple formatters to this list. e.g. ["remark", "prettier"].


To have a table of the headings in the tagbar (toggled by [F2]), make sure php is in your $PATH (you can test this in SpaceVim : :!php --version should print something about php).

If you don’t want to install php, you can use mdctags as an alternative.

Key bindings

Key bindings mode Descriptions
SPC b f Normal Format current buffer
SPC l c Normal/Visual Create content at cursor
SPC l C Normal/Visual Remove content
SPC l k Normal/Visual Add URL link for word under cursor or slected word
SPC l K Normal/Visual Add picture link for word under cursor or slected word
SPC l r Normal/Visual Run code in block
SPC l u Normal/Visual Update content
SPC l p Normal Real-time markdown preview

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