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Available Layers » lang#markdown


This layer is for editing markdown file.


To use this configuration layer, update custom configuration file with:

  name = "lang#markdown"


SpaceVim uses remark to format Markdown file by default, but we suggest using Prettier on Windows.

You can install remark via npm, the commands are shown as below.

npm -g install remark
npm -g install remark-cli
npm -g install remark-stringify
npm -g install remark-frontmatter
npm -g install wcwidth

You can install Prettier via yarn or npm, the commands are shown as below:

  1. Via yarn
yarn global add prettier
  1. Via npm
npm install --global prettier



How to indent the content from list items (tab, mixed or 1 , default: 1).


Enable/Disable wcwidth for detecting the length of a table cell, default is 0. To enable this option, you need to install wcwidth


Bullet marker to use for list items ('-', '*', or '+', default: '-').

Key bindings

Key bindings mode Descriptions
SPC b f Normal Format current buffer
SPC l k Normal/Visual Add URL link for word under cursor or slected word
SPC l k Normal/Visual Add picture link for word under cursor or slected word
SPC l p Normal Real-time markdown preview

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