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Available Layers » shell


This layer provide shell support in SpaceVim.


To use this configuration layer, add following snippet to your custom configuration file.

  name = "shell"


Default shell

Vim supports these kinds of shells:

To define the default shell you can set the layer variable default_shell to the following variables:

The default shell is quickly accessible via a the default shortcut key SPC '.

Default shell position and height

It is possible to choose where the shell should pop up by setting the variable default_position to either top, bottom, left, right, float or full. Default value is top. It is also possible to set the default height in percents with the variable default_height. Default value is 30.

  name = "shell"
  default_position = "top"
  default_height = 30

Key bindings

Key Binding Description
SPC ' Open or switch to the terminal windows
Ctrl-d Close terminal windows in terminal mode
q Hide terminal windows in Normal mode
Ctrl-` Hide terminal windows in terminal mode
Ctrl-\-Ctrl-n Switch to Normal mode from terminal mode
Ctrl-Left Switch to the windows on the left
Ctrl-Down Switch to the windows below
Ctrl-Up Switch to the windows on the top
Ctrl-Right Switch to the windows on the right

Additional key bindings on Windows

Key Binding Description
Ctrl-d Sends exit <CR> if at a prompt
Ctrl-u Clears the line before the cursor
Ctrl-r Pastes from clipboard if given +
Ctrl-w Deletes the word before the cursor

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