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Available Layers » telescope


This layer is a heavily customized wrapper for telescope.nvim and it’s sources. The telescope layer is only for nvim 0.7 or above.


To use this configuration layer, update your custom configuration file with:

  name = "telescope"


SpaceVim uses f as the default customized key binding prefix for telescope layer.

Key bindings

Key bindings Discription
<Leader> f <Space> Fuzzy find menu:CustomKeyMaps
<Leader> f e Fuzzy find register
<Leader> f h Fuzzy find history/yank
<Leader> f j Fuzzy find jump, change
<Leader> f l Fuzzy find location list
<Leader> f m Fuzzy find output messages
<Leader> f o Fuzzy find functions
<Leader> f t Fuzzy find tags
<Leader> f q Fuzzy find quick fix
<Leader> f r Resumes telescope window
<Leader> f s Fuzzy find Ultisnips snippets (if snippet_engine = "ultisnips"). Thanks to telescope-ultisnips.nvim

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