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Blogs » Use Vim as a Swift IDE

This is a general guide for using SpaceVim as a Swift IDE, including layer configuration and usage. Each of the following sections will be covered:

Enable language layer

To add swift language support in SpaceVim, you need to enable the lang#swift layer. Press SPC f v d to open SpaceVim configuration file, and add following configuration:

  name = "lang#swift"

for more info, you can read the lang#swift layer documentation.

code running

The default code running key binding is SPC l r. It will run swift current_file asynchronously. And the stdout will be shown on a runner buffer.


REPL support

Start a swift inferior REPL process with SPC l s i. After the REPL process being started, you can send code to inferior process. All key bindings prefix with SPC l s, including sending line, sending selection or even send whole buffer.


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