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Blogs » Use Vim as a Python IDE

This is a general guide for using SpaceVim as a python IDE, including layer configuration and usage. Each of the following sections will be covered:

Enable language layer

To add python language support in SpaceVim, you need to enable lang#python layer. Just press SPC f v d to open SpaceVim configuration file, and add following configuration:

  name = "lang#python"

for more info, you can read the lang#python layer documentation.

Code completion

Base on which completion engine is used, lang#python layer load the jedi plugin automatically. The completion menu will be opened as you type.

complete python code

Syntax lint

  1. neomake - Asynchronous linting and make framework for Neovim/Vim

I am maintainer of javac maker in neomake, the javac maker support maven project, gradle project or eclipse project. also you can set the classpath.

Import packages

When edit python file, you can import the package automatically, remove unused package and format package list.

pip install --user isort

Jump to test file

SpaceVim use vim-project to manager the files in a project, you can add a .projections.json to the root of your project with following content:

  "src/*.py": {"alternate": "test/{dirname}/{basename}"},
  "test/**/Test*.py": {"alternate": "src/{}.py"}

with this configuration, you can jump between the source code and test file via command :A

running code

To run current script, you can press SPC l r, and a split windows will be openen, the output of the script will be shown in this windows. It is running asynchronously, and will not block your vim.

code runner

Code formatting

  1. neoformat - A (Neo)vim plugin for formatting code.

For formatting java code, you also nEed have uncrustify or astyle in your PATH. BTW, the google’s java formatter also works well with neoformat.


you need to install jdk9 which provide a build-in tools jshell, and SpaceVim use the jshell as default inferior REPL process:



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